What Is Product Development? Definition, Meaning, Phases

SCRUM is a well-defined and straightforward framework that focuses on how to help the team in effective collaboration on complex ideas. The methodology leads to product development in small steps. Keeping in mind the market shares availability, requirements of the customers, analysis of other competitors, and the investment required; product development begins.

Product Development meaning

For this reason, this early screening stage allows many ideas to move forward that may not eventually go to market. Commercialization is the process of bringing new products or services to market. The launch or commercialization of a new product is considered the final stage of new product development .

C Concept Development And Testing

Both fixed and variable cost behaviours must be factored in estimates. By matching costs and sales, break-even point can be identified. When new products, those are new to the company but already exist in the market through other companies are launched by the company it is called new product lines. These new products are developed by reducing the production cost by applying new technology that helps reduce cost of raw materials and manufacturing costs.

This is the final stage and involves the actual product development. This means you now manufacture the actual product that will be made available in the market for people to buy. After screening your ideas for the product generation, you will find out the most result-oriented ideas that can further be taken to the next step of concept development and testing.

Therefore, goals need to be spelled out in quantitative terms. For instance, the objective may be stated as that the product is expected to achieve a sales target of Rs.10 crore in the first year that should yield an estimated 5 percent net profit. Targeting is only possible when target consumers are described in terms of their identifiable descriptors such as age, income, and location. The statement of target market must be able to meet the criteria of effective targeting.

Product management is the job of looking after a specific product within a business. Successfully launch the product with needed promotional support. Product ideas are to be refined and redefined by the research team. Every product can be looked at from the perspective of function and form. Functional aspect represents utility of product that stems from its functions.

Therefore, the astrological explanation of each word in each ETC abbreviation is also included. They would be spread across different roles and departments. However, if a company has products, all these activities should be going on somewhere in the business. How the team performs will depend on https://globalcloudteam.com/ how well it is led, how it is organized, the people that work there and the processes and tools they use. It’s a role at the very heart of an organization that needs to balance the need to deliver value to your company with what customers want and what’s technically and operationally possible.

This plays a crucial role in learning the things that are being liked by your customers and something that still needs some sorts of improvements. To learn more about how rapid iteration can stay true to long-term objectives, check out this webinar. A visually appealing roadmap can also help a product manager present its strategic goals and plans more compellingly to the company’s executives and other key stakeholders. The maturity and decline stages are another opportunity to test new channels and adjust your strategy. Maybe you introduce a blog, try selling the product on a channel you avoided with new messaging, or further test copy and image variations to increase your return.

  • Throughout the whole process, product management needs to track what’s happening in the market and respond to any changes.
  • Product Activities Frameworkidentifies all the activities that need to take place in any company with products.
  • Here product can be in terms of a tangible product or an intangible service as well.
  • The effectiveness of these alternate plans can also be tested with test marketing.
  • For example, a car’s functional value lies in its ability to transport, comfortable ride, and fuel consumption.
  • This would involve a proper marketing campaign and various ways to assess how the product is faring.

This is when any adjustments to advance your product or the services that accompany it, should be made. If you’ve hit the point where any real adjustments simply aren’t possible, then your messaging, services, and add-ons should take full focus. Proven working experience as a product developer or in a related field. Creating and enhancing products that fill a niche in the market or allow their clients to remain competitive. The term New Product Development is normally used to refer to the complete process of introducing a new product in the market.

Product Developer Requirements:

As the name of this category suggests, these products are not new to the world but are new for the company. Companies expand their offering to grow like ITC added readymade apparels and food products to its portfolio. There are many fads and fashions that rule a particular time and organizations need to take care of them by introducing products for such fads/fashions.

Here’s where the team puts in the effort and applies their creativity to devising how a product might serve its needs.

Product Development meaning

In any case, each stage presents more opportunities to research and test new concepts that help solidify your marketing strategy. The decline stage will almost ensure a price decrease or a return to the introduction stage with a new version of the product. This will start the pricing conversation all over again, with the performance of the original product directly Top Trends in Product Development 2022 influencing your initial price position. The better you understand where your product sits in the cycle, the better you can prepare and adjust pricing when necessary. This process will ensure that you are always considering what comes next. It will give you a more informed perspective of the future, while also helping you avoid poor strategic decisions.

If the product is priced very highly in terms of the customers’ expectations and willingness to pay, it will fail in the market. Proper co-ordination is needed at all the levels of management. The Research and Development department, production wings, purchase, finance, marketing etc., have to with co-operation & co-ordination.

Importance Of Product Development

If a company does not put in place a proper distribution system, it will fail in the market. Certain products involve a sufficient amount of technology and all these aspects must be sufficiently studied, tested and perfected before the launch. If the products have some technological snags in them, the customers will reject the product. The acceptance of product by the customers is called success of it. Further, the accepted product continues to be there in market for more number of years. In other words, a product has to undergo all phases before it dies, could be termed as successful.

Product Development meaning

Below, we have divided the process into eight stages, grouped into three phases. Many of the activities are performed repeatedly throughout the process, but they become more concrete as the product idea is refined and additional data are gathered. For example, at each stage of the process, the product team is asking, “Is this a viable product concept? ” but the answers change as the product is refined and more market perspectives can be added to the evaluation.

Product Development

It includes the decision as to whether it would be feasible or not to produce the product and whether it would be profitable or not for the enterprise to do so. Multiple iterations are needed before concepts are finalized. Once the concept is decided upon, the marketing team comes in.

Knowing the stage your product occupies and what comes next can help you better prepare to make adjustments. For example, if you’re in the growth stage and begin to see signs of maturity or even decline, you can begin exploring ways to extend the value of your product. As we’ve said before, this could involve doing a refresh, adding on additional services, or looking to tap into adjacent markets. During the introduction stage, you can look to position your product as the cheaper, better, or any number of benefits over the competition. This is when you not only establish the brand for the product but your business as well. Consulting market research materials and sales data to ensure that products are viable and competitive.

A product should be relatively advantageous compared to competitive offerings. This filter can be labelled as that idea must be make ‘competitive sense’. Finally, an idea is not worth pursuing if it does not go well with overall company objectives and goals. An intent and capability incompatibility implies that the idea is to be screened notwithstanding its inherent appeal.

Product development involves risk of investing precious time, money and intellectual resources. Continuous improvement of a new product or enhancing an existing product by giving preference to satisfy the demand of end-users. Refer following diagram to know the basic meaning of product development.

There is an opportunity to use existing facilities, resources and personnel in order to keep down the level of costs. When a company comes up with a completely revolutionized version of an existing product that is new to the world or comes up with a totally new concept, it is called ‘a new to the world product’. BAH (Booz, Allen & Hamilton) came out a new products classification scheme based on newness to company and newness to the market. This classification has been widely accepted ail over the world. Abstract statement like the product should achieve decent sales, share, and profit is meaningless.

How Do You Know What Stage Your Products Are In?

The marketing mix comes together to introduce the product to the market. Technology commercialization assists in the creation of new start-up businesses and the expanding of existing companies’ product lines. Because commercialized technology are usually used in production processes rather than sold to consumers, commercialization boosts business-to-business exchanges.

What Is New Product Development Npd?

They motivate and direct teams around the business to make sure the company delivers products that customers want. Although they drive activity in many areas of the business, they rarely have direct control over other people, so they need to be good at communicating, influencing, and leading virtual teams. The diagram shows all the different stakeholders that product managers may work with in a mature business.

Robert G. Copper came up with this phase of product development, and he came up with this after lots of research, missteps, lack of successes and experience. The ideas that have been outlined are worked upon by keeping the business in mind. Market research is conducted to make sure that the product is relevant in the context of the company. Research also helps in understanding how the product will provide a solution to the customers.

This can make it difficult to know what stage you’re in and when you’ve entered the next one. You may only be able to make incremental changes but can still look to market it as a refresh accompanied by new features or benefits. Video game consoles are a great example of this, where incremental updates to hardware are often touted to sell new consoles.

This can be done internally and then through a pre-release or studies at a series of stores for a fee. Finally, after multiple rounds of tests, the product is then commercialized through various marketing efforts when the final product has been decided upon. There are six steps that the complete process can be broken down into as the process progresses in the cycle. These are Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Marketing Strategy Development, Business Analysis, Product Development, Test Marketing, Commercialization. The ideas evolved should have the expertise and the resources to back them up. Various marketing efforts, including promotional efforts, are used to build demand.


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